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Our Services

Storage Units

You can create and customize many storage units to fit your office needs. These storage units can be categorized as crash carts, supply cabinets, and operating room suites.

Inventory Check list

Items can be organized and quantified according to your choice.

Expired Items

You are notified of upcoming expiration dates, keeping your inventory up-to-date.

Missing Items

You are notified of missing items in your storage units to optimize patient care and safety.

Recalled Items

You will be able to quickly locate and remove recalled items from your storage units.

Storage Unit Checks

You are alerted of daily, weekly and monthly required checks.

Battery checks

You are reminded of daily, weekly and monthly required battery checks.

Track Activity

Items can be tracked according to their use. Additionally, the administration can monitor the staff’s activity with storage unit updates.


Quick and efficient ordering that sends a message to the office point of contact with needed supplies and keeps track of pending and fulfilled orders.


Scan products using your mobile device.

Product Directory

You can create your own product directory tailored to your office needs.